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Whether for building, mining or transportation of goods and people, the world's reliance on heavy engines continues to grow. At the same time, so do the expectations on heavy engine manufacturers - to keep the world moving reliably, cost-effictively and with the least environmental impact possible.
We specialize in customer-driven sealing solutions for trucks, buses, construction, agricultural and marine and other heavy duty engines. Our aim is to accelerate your business by solving technical challenges and ensuring top quality parts that prolong time between service - and in the process, protect the integrity of your brand. Backed by decades of experience in optimising heavy engine performance, we apply our engineering innovation and know-how to develop and produce dependable sealing solutions on time and on budget.

Your application

Commercial vehicle components are continuously improved, becoming lighter, stronger and simply better. One of our most important advantages is our application knowledge of what the customer need and understanding the complexities of development, manufacture and logistics in local markets. When you need to deliver, you shouldn’t have to second-guess whether your supplier has a matching commitment to quality and performance.

Cab & chassi


Our offering

We are specialized in customer-driven sealing solutions for trucks, buses, construction, agricultural and marine and other heavy duty engines. We are a dependable partner from the initial design phase, to custom tooling, seal production, delivery and after-service. We use only top quality materials, and invest continuously in the advance of material properties.



We supply O-rings in a wide range of elastomeric materials sealing also the most demanding applications. Our expertise covers both gas and liquid systems where our materials will provide an improvement in time to service for the vehicle. We also offer our support when designing assembly lines and handling equipment.
bonded seals

Bonded seals

Our bonded seals are designed to seal your most demanding applications, combined with our ability to design also considering damping, friction, visual identification, ease to assemble and corrosion resistance. Early involvement of our design resources secures competitive advantages.
engineered seals

Engineered seals

No chain is stronger than the weakest link. Seals for static applications as well as for rotating or linear movement designed to secure the performance of your application.
Material performance and seal design that secures function over time as well as design that secures correct and efficient assembly are key functionalities that we deliver.

Design that leaves nothing to chance

We work with you to define the solutions that makes best sense for your application. You have direct access to our engineering team, and full control and overview of the development process. This ensures the parts, tooling, production and delivery planning can be adapted to your exact needs - and that there will be no surprises when you can least afford them. It also provides a great opportunity for innovation or advance in full confidence, knowing that our team is your team, with the same commitment and expertise to realise the potential of a new idea. 

Material development, selection, testing and production
Trelleborg maintains an ongoing firm commitment to research and development. We continually explore possibilities for new compounds and solutions that can improve our customers' manufacturing or achieve higher performance for their products.

Solutions to live with

Many of our truck & diesel solutions contribute positively to your own environmental profile through their performance – minimising fuel consumption, leakages and CO2 emissions while providing a life cycle equal to or greater than the application estimate. We also offer smart sealing solutions designed specifically for use with biofuels and blends, enabling the possibility to innovate environmentally-optimised systems that meet or exceed current and potential regulatory standards. We also understand a supplier’s environmental record reflects on your own. Trelleborg takes a systematic approach to improving efficiencies in procurement, manufacturing, resource use and waste management.


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