Investment Story

Invest in Trelleborg – accelerate investment performance 

Trelleborg generates value through leading-edge polymer engineering expertise, a focus on innovations and a number of critical competencies. 

Generating Value

In the market for polymers, Trelleborg is a world leader in the segments and niches it has chosen to serve. While the raw materials and components do not differ dramatically from those included in the processes of other companies, in terms of value generation, there are significant aspects that set Trelleborg apart from its competitors and make the Group unique. 

This core expertise is the reason why industrial customers choose Trelleborg for solutions for critical applications in demanding environments. 

Group strategy

Trelleborg’s strategy is to secure leading positions in selected segments. This means that Trelleborg seeks niches that – by virtue of the Group's applications knowledge and range of advanced products – provide market leadership. 

While leading positions are attained mainly through organic growth, bolt-on acquisitions are also implemented to strengthen market presence and the product range. 

Trelleborg has defined four strategic cornerstones to support the strategy:

  • Geographic balance
  • Portfolio optimization 
  • Structural improvements 
  • Excellence 

Growth drivers

Although specific growth drivers may differ within Trelleborg's selected market segments, there is an increasing requirement across global industry for more cost-efficient and sustainable solutions.

For Trelleborg, an increasing demand for more advanced, higher-performance solutions to seal, damp and protect critical applications provides considerable opportunities for growth. The Group is well placed to take these growth opportunities based on it's proven track record as a leader in developing innovative engineered polymer solutions that deliver high performance in highly demanding critical applications.