Annual event with pensioners

Annual event with pensioners

A festive event has been arranged every year since 1968 to provide all retirees from Trelleborg AB throughout the years with the opportunity of a reunion.

All the participants truly appreciate the chance to meet again and reminisce about old times over a tasty lunch and a turn on the dance floor.

Throughout the years, Trelleborg AB has been an important employer in the local community of Trelleborg. For many people, in particular the labor migrants who arrived in Sweden in the 1960s and 70s, Trelleborg AB provided the opportunity of a new life and new possibilities. Today, many of these workers are retired and continue to reside in Trelleborg, and get together once a year.

“This is mainly a chance to meet friends and have a good time, as well as partake of the good spirit we are all a part of. At every occasion, I give a presentation of what has happened in the company since the last event, so that everyone feels a sense of continued involvement,” says Carl Aspegren, who was a member of Trelleborg’s management from 1958 to 1998 and continues to be active in the company.

More than 200 guests attended the 2011 event and the oldest was aged 93. The tradition is strong and is expected to be maintained for many years to come.

“We get some amazing feedback from the participants. All of them look forward to the event every year and enjoy every minute of it. As a pensioner, it is always great to meet old friends and feel the strong sense of camaraderie once again,” says Carl Aspegren.

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